Get Your Message Across At Work

Do you struggle to get your message across at work? Are your explanations not being understood? Does your boss, or other leaders, say you need to learn to speak their language? 

If yes, the "Get Your Message Across" course will help. In it, you'll learn simple frameworks for communicating in a way that everyone will understand. No matter what the topic is. 

My name is Chris and I’m a communication skills author and instructor. I’ve taught at international business schools and trained people in organisations like NATO and Google. The methods in this course are regularly described as some of the most practical and game-changing communication methods the participants have ever seen.  

Learn a 5-part framework

In this course you'll learn a 5-part framework you can use in almost any communication situation at work. I'll show you how to work out the communication style that works best for your audience and gets your message across. 

The course is split into small, easy to follow parts. Each short video provides a specific framework or technique that will improve the structure and clarity your communication. The video lessons are supported by quick activities to help you apply what you learn and develop the methods to fit your personal style. 

Relevant, simple, jargon-free communication

You'll discover how to create relevant messages, simplify complex ideas, and communicate them in a way that is jargon-free.  

By using what you learn you'll no longer suffer the frustration of other teams not understanding you. Say goodbye to the fear of presentation to senior leaders and have confidence your messages are understood. 

The result is anything you say will be understood by any audience. 

Avoid these common problems: 

  • Too much detail
  • Too much jargon
  • Unclear presentations
  • People not understanding
  • Your audience not seeing why your message is important

Improve your communication in almost all work situations, including: 

  •  Talking to different teams or departments 
  •  Updating senior leaders and executives
  •  Explaining your work to non-experts
  •  Get approval for proposals and ideas
  •  Talking about requirements
  •  Educating an audience
  •  Giving status updates
  •  Sharing your work
  •  Solving problems
  •  Pitching an idea
  •  Asking for help
  •  And more

Achieve these goals: 

  •  Explain things clearly 
  •  Communicate with any audience
  •  Quickly create tailor-made messages 
  •  Give executives what they need/want to hear
  •  Get people's attention
  •  Create simple messages
  •  Be jargon-free / stop using jargon
  •  Be understood

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Overview of the 5-part framework for this course

    3. Quick Quiz

    1. Section 1 introduction

    2. It's all about the audience

    3. Three important audience characteristics

    4. Characteristic 1 - Perspective

    5. Characteristic 2 - Expertise

    6. Characteristic 3 - Position in the organisation

    7. How to assess an audience

    8. ACTIVITY - Assess your audience

    9. What to do with mixed audiences

    10. TEST - Section 1 - Understanding the audience

    1. Section 2 introduction

    2. What makes a message relevant?

    3. Showing impact with Goals and Objectives

    4. Showing impact with Effort

    5. Showing impact with Outcomes

    6. How impact changes when you include Timeframes

    7. Improve the relevance by using their perspective

    8. ACTIVITY - Effort and outcome priorities

    9. TEST – Section 2 - What makes a message relevant

    1. Section 3 introduction

    2. Why messages must be relatable

    3. How to make relatable messages

    4. ACTIVITY - Create a relatable description of your work

    5. TEST - Section 3 - Relatable messages

    1. Section 4 introduction

    2. Why we need to give simple messages

    3. Relevant and relatable messages are simple

    4. Use summaries to simplify and cut down information

    5. Focus on WHAT instead of HOW

    6. Quiz 1

    7. The Magic Box keeps unnecessary detail out of sight

    8. The power of common words

    9. The Grandparent test

    10. Visual aids - how they help and hinder your message

    11. Other tips for simple messages

    1. Become 80 percent jargon free

About this course

  • $267.00
  • 4 hours of video content


Chris Fenning

Chris Fenning

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm a husband, father, and author, and I'm on a mission to make communicating at work simpler and more effective. Communication has a profound impact on the success of teams, projects, and careers. But professionals don’t always find it easy to communicate: messages don't get across, great ideas are buried in complex descriptions, and jargon fills our emails and meetings. I help solve all these problems with my books and training classes. It’s what I call the business of communication. I believe that having the right frameworks can make professional communication skills easier to master. My award-winning books and courses have helped over 50,000 people in more than 100 countries, and my articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review and other top publications. When I'm not working, you can find me walking in the countryside with my wife and daughter. All the best, Chris

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See what other people say about Chris's training

“Chris has really thought about communication and how to make it run smoothly which makes him one of a rare few. When applied meaningfully his insights have the ability to save time and improve the outcomes of our business conversations. This helps make the boat go faster”

Jonathan, CEO - JKW Coaching

“That was a really excellent training session. I’ve sat through my fair share of dull communication training, and this was anything but! I admire Chris’ presence and ability to maintain a connection with the audience online. Very impressive!”

Karen, Sr. Director, Customer Success, HighRoad

“The concepts that Chris simply outlines and the exercises to begin to put them into practice are a missing piece in organisational behaviour and communication. All organisations in all sectors would be better off for putting this into practice. It has certainly improved my own communication skills in a short space of time”

Alan H. - Trainer - The Knowledge Academy


  • How long does it take to finish this course?

    The lessons are between 5 and 15 minutes long and the total video duration is 4 hours. The activities take additional time so you should expect to spend 6 hours in total. The videos are self-paced and you can complete them at your own pace.

  • Will this course help me communicate with other teams?

    YES! That’s one of primary goals of this course, to help you communicate clearly with any audience - especially people outside your own team. When you use the methods in this course, you will improve the way you communicate with someone outside your team. You'll understand what approach will help them understand and the type of information to include to make sure you get their attention and help them see why your message is important. When you use these methods your messages will be relevant, relatable, simple, and jargon free. This course helps when communicating with any audience - Internal, external, executives, people higher or lower in your organisation, and more. The methods you learn in this course are applicable to any situation where you want people to understand what you are saying, recognise the importance of your message, and quickly understand without the need for detailed explanations.

  • Will this course help when talking to executives and other senior leaders?

    Yes it does. Executives and senior leaders appreciate well-structured communication that focused on topics relevant to their goals and objectives. The frameworks in this course show you how to make any message relevant to any audience. The methods you'll learn show how to make the impact of your message clear and how to relate it to the specific goals and outcomes the executives care about. Executives and senior leaders will appreciate the clear way you structure messages and are likely to be impressed with the clarity of your communication. If you've ever been told you need to be "more strategic" or "Learn to speak their language" you will learn those skills in this course.

  • My work is very technical - will this course help me talk to business teams?

    Absolutely yes! The methods in this course are a step by step process to create a message that is suited to your audience. If you need to talk about a technical topic to a non-technical audience the methods in this course will show you how. There are simple scripts to help build an understandable message. The course includes 10+ methods to simplify a message and examples that are specifically designed to show how to explain incredibly complex and technical ideas to non-technical audiences.

  • Do I have to complete the whole course to get the benefit of the methods?

    No - the content of the course is designed to give you tools you can use right away. You can use the methods in each section as soon as you have finished watching the videos. The more of the course you complete the more benefit you'll get, but you can start using what you learn long before completing all 4 hours of lessons.

Get your message across - starting today