Course curriculum

    1. Course Trailer Video

    2. Course Introduction

    1. Section 1: Introduction

    2. Know The Topic, Purpose, & Output

    3. ACTIVITY: How clear are your invitations?

    4. Identify the right participants

    5. Pick the right format

    6. ACTIVITY: Participants and format

    7. Meetings with multiple topics

    8. Write great invitations

    9. ACTIVITY: Write great meeting invitations

    10. Section 1 Summary

    1. Section 2 Introduction

    2. Introduce the meeting

    3. Use the output to stay on track

    4. Close the meeting quickly and clearly

    5. Taking minutes and notes

    6. ACTIVITY: How do you run your meetings?

    7. ACTIVITY: Plan your next meeting

    8. Section 2 summary

    1. Sharing the output and minutes

    2. ACTIVITY: How do you close your meetings?

    1. Congratulations! Here's what comes next

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


“Chris has really thought about communication and how to make it run smoothly which makes him one of a rare few. When applied meaningfully his insights have the ability to save time and improve the outcomes of our business conversations. This helps make the boat go faster”

Jonathan W, CEO - JKW Coaching

“That was a really excellent training session. I’ve sat through my fair share of dull communication training, and this was anything but! I admire Chris’ presence and ability to maintain a connection with the audience while on Zoom. Very impressive!”

Kristin S. Sr. Director, Customer Success, HighRoads

“The concepts that Chris simply outlines and the exercises to begin to put them into practice are a missing piece in organisational behaviour and communication. All organisations in all sectors would be better off for putting this into practice. It has certainly improved my own communication skills in a short space of time”

Alan H.

Shorter, better meetings, starting today


  • How long does it take to finish this course?

    The lessons are all less than 5 minutes long and the total video duration is 50 minutes. The activities take longer. You should expect to spend no more than 2 hours in total.

  • Will this course help me have better meetings?

    YES! That’s the goal of this course, to help you and your team to have better meetings. Every time you schedule a meeting you’ll be clear on the purpose, have confidence the right people are invited, and know what you will get out of the meeting. Not only that, you’ll be able to measure the progress towards a successful outcome during the meeting.

  • Will this course help with client meetings or is it just for internal team meetings?

    This course helps with ALL meetings. Internal, external, executive briefings, 1:1, and more. The methods you learn in this course are applicable to any situation where you want people to gather together and produce a specific outcome. Client meetings are no different. By the end of the client meeting something will be different from when the meeting started. The clients may be better informed, decisions have been made, or a deal struck. Now, I should point out that this solution won’t stop clients being upset or magically solve problems with the work. But it will ensure the meetings about those problems are effective and don’t waste the client’s time.

  • What kind of meeting is this course ideal for?

    The Have Great Meetings course will help you prepare, deliver, and follow up on any meeting at work. By giving you a simple, repeatable model to follow every time you need to have a meeting. Few meetings are ever the same. Every meeting has a different topic, purpose, audience, and expected output. The key to having great meetings is to make sure you know what those things are before you get into the room or onto the zoom call. Whether it’s a weekly team meeting, an executive update, or a project planning meeting, the methods in this course will make the meeting better.