Course curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Context

    3. Activity: Context

    4. Intent

    5. Activity: Intent

    6. What is a key message?

    7. How to create a good key message

    8. Activity: Key message

    9. Activity: Put it all together

    10. Activity: Preparing for future conversations

    11. Section 1 - Summary

    1. Section 2 - Introduction

    2. How to tell if you have more than one topic

    3. How to frame multiple topics

    4. Activity: How to frame multiple topics

    5. Framing multiple topics with one context

    6. Activity: Framing multiple topics with one context

    7. Activity: Preparing for future conversations

    8. Section 2 - Summary

    1. Section 3 - Introduction

    2. Time check

    3. Activity: Time check self assessment

    4. Activity: Time check - Preparing for future conversations

    5. Validation checkpoint

    6. Activity: Validation checkpoint

    7. Section 3 - Summary

    1. Section 4 - Introduction

    2. How to frame emails

    3. Activity: How to frame emails

    4. Why you should frame meeting invitations

    5. How to frame meeting invitations

    6. Don't forward blank meeting invitations

    7. Assessment: How well do you frame your meeting invitations?

    8. Activity: Write good meeting invitations

    9. Framing meeting agendas

    10. Good meetings start with clear framing

    11. Section 4 - Summary

    1. Course summary

    2. What's next?

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Chris Fenning

Hi, I'm Chris. I'm a husband, father, and author, and I'm on a mission to make communicating at work simpler and more effective. Communication has a profound impact on the success of teams, projects, and careers. But professionals don’t always find it easy to communicate: messages don't get across, great ideas are buried in complex descriptions, and jargon fills our emails and meetings. I help solve all these problems with my books and training classes. It’s what I call the business of communication. I believe that having the right frameworks can make professional communication skills easier to master. My award-winning books and courses have helped over 50,000 people in more than 100 countries, and my articles have appeared in Harvard Business Review and other top publications. When I'm not working, you can find me walking in the countryside with my wife and daughter. All the best, Chris

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